"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

A Little Fly

June 8, 1943

Dearest Mary,

Here goes again, and I sure have a lot to tell you, I received your letter Saturday, and it came just in time cause I wasn’t in a very good mood, its just one of those things you know. We are suppose to give a show in a little, and they want me to send for my accordion, anyway I sure don’t want to cause, all I can play is Swiss pieces, and I also play by ear, so they will have to leave me out.

About boys doing dumb thing Mary! just take me for example. that if you recall what I mean? Mary there’s a little fly that is bothering me, so excuse me a minute huh! There! I guesss I fixe him. I’d sure like to meet little Mary, I’ll bet she’s a honey too? does she give you any competition Mary, ha if she’s any thing like Big Mary, Little Mary has to be cute little gal. Sunday we had to work all day, so they gave us Monday off, pretty nice don’t you think, boy we sure worked for it tho, anyway after work Sunday we got passes and didn’t have to be in until Monday night at 11:00 so we heard for Memphis Tenn., we got there about 9:10 P.M. so the first thing we did was to get a good meal, man did we ever eat, gee it was sure good to see civilian life again, and Memphis is sure nice, it remined me of S.F. a little, and the Mississippi flows right by it, it sure looked nice. We went to the Amusement park which wasn’t bad. Oh yes! there were ten of us boy what rowdys. From there we got a big room in one of the bet Hotels we had the bell-hop bring up some Burbon and some mix, gee it was the first high ball I’ve had since I left Calif. and it sure tasted darn good too. I guess it was about 2:00 A.M. before we got to bed, anyway we got up at 7:00 A.M. feeling like we ____ the world, Mary you should have seen us, two fellas to a bed, man/what a riot. We had our clothes pressed and then we went out and had breakfast, boy that was the deal, eggs and every thing, it’s the second time I’ve had eggs since I’ve been here and they sure were good, th main thing we wanted to do was go swimming, so we found out where there was a good pool and headed straight for it, man it was swell, and you ought to see my sun burn it looks like I’m catching up with you kido, from now on right after dinnear I’m going to take a little sun bath so I can be or have a little taan when I see you. Getting back to swimming Mary, it sure was swell, freash water too with no chlorine in it. all- though I like to swim in salt water too, the tough part about the whole thing was that we had to catch the 4:30 bus and had to leave early. we just did make it too, and I almost got in a fight too, as much as I like to fight I really got mad, darnit anyway, this kid is in my Btry and he was feeling good, and he’s the kind of a kid that irritates you, and I just wasn’t in the mood to listen to him especially with this darn sun burn, anyway he started popping off about my Corporal stripes, then I blew up. any way it ended in a hurry cause it was stopped, every thing is O.K. now tho. Well, kido I’ll have to sign off cause I want to study a little, until tomorrow. O.K.?


Say hello to you folks for me, and don’t forget little girl I’m always thinking of you – don’t laugh now! Ha

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