"There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18

120 Degrees In The Shade

August 1, 1943

Hello Darling,

Just received your letter and it was right on time, gee honey I got here right on time my self, boy I had a misserible trip all the way, cause I didn’t have you with me, boy I sure did sleep on the train, when I got to Amarrillo, Texas I went to the U.S.O. there and took a shower. Of course I didn’t need one, much! anyway after that I go my reservation on the “Rocket”, no kiddin honey there were actually no kids on it, thank goodness! When I got to Memphis I took another train to camp, and was it ever crowded, I didn’t have a seat so I went back to the diner and drank cokes, and talked to the porters, (some fun) I finally hit camp and was it ever hot, honey shirt was all wet from presperation. and honey when I got off the bus in front of our Battalion every thing looked dead as heck, anyway I walked into the barracks and they were sure glad to see me the first thing they asked me was if I had gotten married, and I told them no, but it won’t be long, Honey the reason for every thing being so dead was that one of the boys in the Btry. died, he passed out while they were marching in from the rifle range, my buddy Brennan caught him before he hit the ground, then he went out of his head, they said it was awful. any way he passed away, while he was in the hospital, they told me his tongue was all chewed to ribbons, from biting it, now we have another kid here who has from two to ten month to live, Mary the day this kid died it was 120 degrees in the shade, honey that was just one kid from our Battalion that died, altogether there were 28 in the whole camp that died, from this darn heat. Since this happened things have really changed here they can only march us at night, and for the time they march us they have to give us (that time off) the next day.

Honey I really do agree as to what your folks say, and I’m really glad that you talked to them, cause darling I’m nuts about you, (so there) I guess I don’t have to tell you. guess what (nut) that’s you remember? I bought you some gum today and I’ll mail it tomorrow O.K.?

Honey I got paid today so I am enclosing $20.00 ten is for you, you know for the presents, and the other is ten to put in the bank for us. Hon there has been some talk about us going to Calif. or Washington, but don’t depend to much on it, cause you know how the Army is.

Well nut I’m going to have to close now cause, I have to fix my stuff up, (what a mess) Darling I love you and I miss you something awful, so write really soon.

Say hello to Lil and pop, tell Lil I sure miss her cooking, yours too honey ha, ha,

Love and kisses
(I love you) Bob

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